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We come together with different interests, skills and perspectives, but we have a common desire to make a change in our world

Katie Chao

Katie Chao is a student of current events.  She has the patience to follow complex issues, and she is instrumental in keeping our members informed about issues and coordinating local lobby days and other rallies.  Katie is an amazing baker. You should join Progressive Schenectady just to eat her delectable desserts!

Lynell Engelmyer

Lynell Engelmyer is the voice of Progressive Schenectady, though by no means, the brains behind the operation.  Lynell graciously accepted this role when Katie and Sunny decided they’d rather chew on broken glass than speak publicly!

Sunny Lee

Sunny Lee lends her legal expertise and critical lens to PS. Her understanding of politics and political maneuvering is both keen and insightful. Sunny’s house is a usual haunt for planning meetings and she thoughtfully has wine varieties to please most pallets.

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